“How do we make sure that anyone who walks through our doors can become an empowered citizen . . .”

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Green Run Collegiate Foundation Board of Directors

Joe Burnsworth, chair of GRC Foundation

Joe Burnsworth
Educator (Retired), Community Volunteer,
Adjunct Instructor

“Green Run Collegiate was created to provide all students in Virginia Beach access to a rigorous, global curriculum and an opportunity to achieve their personal goals. Every student, regardless of their neighborhood, socio-economic status, or family background deserves a challenging, engaging curriculum that prepares them for a successful and fulfilling future. No one should be denied this opportunity because of a test score and the expectations someone else holds for them.”
Courtney Frazier - Board Member

Ameet Habib
Attorney, Wolcott Rivers Gates Attorneys At Law

As a graduate of Maury High School in Norfolk, I was fortunate enough to have resources and support that many of my friends did not. For my friends, the lack of resources, encouragement, and the school’s overcrowding led to many of them not being able to graduate, or not being able to go to college.  Frankly, it was heartbreaking to see many of my friends who were incredibly smart and talented get left behind simply because they did not have the opportunities that I did.  Having a program that helps kids like my friends means a lot to me on a personal level.  Being able to help this program, in many ways, allows me to help the friends that I could not as a teenager.”
Courtney Frazier - Board Member

Dan Edwards
Retired, Former member of the Virginia Beach School Board

“Dan Edwards is honored to serve on the GRC Board.  As school board chair I presented the school’s charter request to the State Board of Education for approval and was thus involved in “birthing” the school a decade ago.  I have wanted to become more involved in the support and governance of the incredible work it is doing.”

Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Olga Torres Baker
Spanish Language Services Provider, Taina Consulting, LLC
“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and support the Foundation’s mission and vision, and to collaborate with fellow board members to help the staff at GRC empower students in their path to academic success and a strong sendoff into a bright future.”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member

Harshad Barot
Vice President
Galaxy Group Hotels

I believe in treating everyone with love, respect and equality in day to day life.  This beautiful city and country has given me much, much more than I could imagine and now it’s my term and time to give back to my community, city, state and country. I can not change everything and everyone but if I can bring a smile to a few faces, I think it brings worth to my life.  I want to make sure every single student at Green Run Collegiate gets what they deserve and it’s my moral responsibility to fulfill their needs in whatever way I can.

Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Esther Ceus
Assistant Principal, Arcadia High School, Accomack Co. Schools
“Children are our future may sound like a cliché–but they really are! That means we as a society have a responsibility to educate our students, and make them productive citizens who can: fulfill their patriotic duties, be financially fit to contribute to the tax system, assist others in need by volunteering, and know enough about the society and how it functions to be an informed and dependable voter. Therefore, volunteering to serve on the Green Run Collegiate Foundation Board of Directors is not only an honor, but part of my civic duty, to mold our future into intellectual contributors for this great city of Virginia Beach, the nation, and the world as a whole.”
Glenn Davis - Board Member
Board Member
Glenn Davis
Member, Virginia House of Delegates;
CEO – On Call Telecom
“Education is the foundation for the success of every child. GRC creates a unique and challenging educational environment that fosters collaboration and critical thinking. It’s a program that best equips students with the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.”
Glenn Davis - Board Member
Board Member

Angela Giscombe
Priority Auto Group
Human Resources Director

“The opportunity to serve young people and meet them where they are is a great opportunity for me. I believe I can help steer those individuals that aren’t sure where they want to go, but know they want to go wherever their imagination will take them. I hope to inspire young people to be proud of who they are and where they come from. To desire for the time where opportunities will meet their preparation. When this happens they will not just be prepared but knock the door off the hinges.”

Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Bill Hitchcock
Senior Vice President, Business Development, Atlantic Bay Mortgage
“We all can play a role in helping to support these young adults and future leaders.”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Mark Johnson
Vice President, Community Development Manager, Truist Bank
As we continue to face significant challenges within our country in the areas of health, education and public safety, preparing youth to make critical decisions during these times is a priority. The Foundation plays an important role in helping to remove the barriers of students by empowering them to achieve success during and after their high school experience. It is this mission that inspires me to contribute my time, talents, and treasure to be a part of this cause.”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Duff Kliewer
President, Cox, Kliewer & Company, Architects
“I am proud to serve as an ambassador for Green Run Collegiate. It is my goal to make new introductions and connections between the members of the GRC community and business leaders who have not become acquainted to the mission and vision of Green Run Collegiate. While I believe that I can be of assistance as a member of the Foundation Board through the planning and implementation of outreach and fundraising events, and by obtaining in-kind corporate donations of goods and services, it is helping these students realize their dreams that is most important.”
Reginald Matthews - Board Member
Board Member

Reginald R. Matthews
Senior Mortgage Officer, Tidewater Mortgage

“I have a conviction to invest in our youths and their future.”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Susan Long Molnar
President/Owner, Managing Communications Consulting
“As a lifelong educator and leader on educational initiatives, I want to support a small, highly focused educational program which decreases the educational gap between those who need caring, achievement-oriented teachers and those who may be already be prepared for the educational focus required to secure viable careers. As a former high school teacher, and now training and workforce development motivator for businesses and nonprofit organizations, I am proud serve a quality school such as GRC!”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member
Worth Remick
Senior Vice President, Colliers International
“Green Run Collegiate provides opportunities to ‘go the extra mile’ and attain an IB education and I am all in for expanding ways to push younger students who may not otherwise have this opportunity. We have to try and help those who do not have the background, money, or connections to succeed in the all-important high school years, as the future trajectory is determined during these years. If a certain program, teacher, course, or even fellow student can make a difference at this time in a young teen’s life, like it did for me when I was this age, then this alone is literally ‘life changing.’ This could make the difference in 500 different lives in the aggregate; so GRC is indeed worth all the time, energy, money and effort to help.”
Bill Hitchcock - Board Member
Board Member

Rachel Schools
Corporate Meeting and Event Planner, Ferguson Enterprises

“I started college with the intention of becoming an educator before life took me on a different path. Education has always been a passion of mine and supporting an institution that has a unique, student-focused mission is an honor. I am also very supportive of an environment that is not a standardized learning model for students. GRC supports all students and the best ways to make each of them successful. The chance to be on the Board of Directors allows me to be in a hands-on, supportive role and I am proud to do so.”

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