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Donations made to the Green Run Collegiate Foundation are used to support the mission and vision of the school.  Since the majority of the students who attend Green Run Collegiate come from households that are economically challenged, it is our goal to remove obstacles that may prevent students from having a fully realized high school experience due to circumstances beyond their control.

We strive to fill the gap in the ability of families to pay for SAT Prep programs, college application fees, and to ensure that college visits, field experiences, and career-related internships with local businesses can continue.  

Donations are not just used for our students. In order to provide the quality education that our students deserve, it is important that our staff members remain life-long learners and the creators of innovative, rigorous, and engaging learning experiences. To help ensure that, funds gathered through donations and fundraising efforts are also used to provide teachers with the opportunity to learn and grow as educators and have access to the resources needed to carry out the unique learning experiences they have designed for their students. In addition, the Foundation strives to support the teachers at Green Run Collegiate providing student supplies that might normally pay for out of the teachers’ own pockets.

Every dollar counts. You can help make sure that our students have the full educational experience and future that they desire and deserve. 

The annual Green Run Collegiate Gala is an opportunity for the community to come together to support Green Run Collegiate’s efforts to remove barriers to high achievement by employing such strategies as smaller class sizes, field experiences, internships and project based learning.

By attending and sponsoring this year’s 5th annual Gala, you can support all of these efforts and help students afford testing fees required to complete their International Baccalaureate program.

Enjoying the Bright Futures Gala 2023

Adopt a Student

When you adopt a student, you help a student pay the fees associated with attendance at Green Run Collegiate by sponsoring the costs of assessments. Select the number of assessments to sponsor for a student, or how much to donate to sponsor an individual student. The student who is the recipient of your donation will use the information you provide to reach out to you directly.

You CAN make a difference

Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to underwrite the testing fees and to expand the opportunities for students.

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